Clueless Growth

Dear Mr. Growth,

How many times do you have to be told and shown that your piddling little “ratables” actually cost the township more than they bring in? I’ve posted 3 or 4 studies that show towns with more “ratables” don’t get tax relief.  You use the example of Freehold as some shining example of how “ratables” keep taxes down… well, in 2007 the muni rate went up almost 5% and in 2008 it went up almost 10%. So how is it working out for them?

I constantly wonder about your exclusive focus on revenue, revenue, revenue without ever considering that these “ratables” cost the township money too.

I found out that ratables cost the township money by reading this ->


Maybe you should read it too and you’ll see how blinded by growth you really are. You never met a project you didn’t like, and you seemingly fail to realize you’re turning Howell into Edison, depriving your grandchildren of the natural beauty you moved here for.

So really George. When are you and your kind going to get it? Growth creates problems which you think the only solution is more growth. What was that definition of insanity again?


$4 a gallon

Today the Energy Department released its Weekly Petroleum Status Report. While it showed a build in crude stockpiles, gasoline stockpiles continued lower at a time when they’re supposed to be building to get ready for “Summer Driving Season”. As a result, wholesale gasoline (RBOB) increased over 5 cents a gallon to $3.41 per. At the usual markup of 40-60 cents over wholesale around here, we could see gas prices ranging around $3.90 in a few weeks.

We’re in for a repeat of 2008, when gas prices got near $4 last. Energy costs are a “tax” in a real way. They suck money from other segments of the economy, and render it crippled. As oil and gas prices increase, we’ll see another recession by the end of the year as the economy can’t handle the increased energy costs. Already companies are talking about raising prices to cover energy and transportation costs, and that too will bleed more money from your wallet or pocketbook.

As predicted several places, the economy will continue bumping its head on high oil prices due to stagnant (and soon falling) oil production and growing world-wide demand.

Rinse and Repeat.

Current wholesale gas prices here: RBOB Gasoline