Programming by Voice

I’m currently developing my own version of NatLink/DragonFly/VoCoLa/UniMacro or some combination of them to aid me in programming by voice, since I’ve suffered the worst thing that can happen to a programmer, RSI. I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 and it works great, but doesn’t understand

public function getVacationDays() {

return $this->vacationDays;


But using the above software, it will soon! I will post my progress here, just to preserve it for posterior… er, posterity.

I tell Dragon to “chill” and it stops listening. It’s kind of cool.


Xdebug for the command line

To debug a command line PHP script, simply use this on the command line:

export XDEBUG_CONFIG="idekey=netbeans-xdebug"

And then start your NetBeans debugger without launching a web page and then run your script.