Programming by Voice

I’m currently developing my own version of NatLink/DragonFly/VoCoLa/UniMacro or some combination of them to aid me in programming by voice, since I’ve suffered the worst thing that can happen to a programmer, RSI. I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 and it works great, but doesn’t understand

public function getVacationDays() {

return $this->vacationDays;


But using the above software, it will soon! I will post my progress here, just to preserve it for posterior… er, posterity.

I tell Dragon to “chill” and it stops listening. It’s kind of cool.


Xdebug for the command line

To debug a command line PHP script, simply use this on the command line:

export XDEBUG_CONFIG="idekey=netbeans-xdebug"

And then start your NetBeans debugger without launching a web page and then run your script.


Test Driven Development

I’m really getting into this development paradigm of writing tests before you write a line of code. It makes you think about what you want from that particular method and then you make sure that’s what the method is returning. It gives me confidence that my code works in isolation, then acceptance or functional tests can prove that the whole system works to the client.

My next step is understanding and using mocks. Perhaps I’ll write a post here explaining how to set up testing properly, I find a lot of confusing information on the web.


Laravel, Ember.js, Twitter/bootstrap etc.

I’m starting to write a web application using the above technologies to provide a free spot on the web for a stock option trading simulator. I’ve searched the web and only found one free simulator that does option, Investopedia, but it doesn’t let you sell to open, which is necessary for the most popular option play for small investors, the Covered Call, or Buy-Write, in which you sell an call option against a stock you own or are buying at the same time.

So far I have register, login, logout stuff going. gonna work on portfolios next.

I’m only writing this because I want a free option trading thing. Maybe somebody else might want it, so I registered http://www.stockoptionsimulator.com at the very least so I can jigger my portfolio from my phone while at work!


Python with Flask

I’ve been exploring Python for web development using the Flask framework. I think this is great. Python is a very clean, elegant language and Flask makes it even cleaner. There’s a mega tutorial online that’s fantastic and covers most of the stuff you want as a web developer. Internationalization and localization are a breeze, as is Ajax, and security.

I’m going to have to work with this stuff now, so I can get enough experience to get a job doing Python/Flask.



From now one, all technical postings go on this blog site. This way we clean up the main, personal blog and make it easier to find technial discussions only. I think I might put my resume on a page here also.